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Full Of It DVD (2008) Ryan Pinkston, Charles (DIR) Cert 12 Pre-Owned Region 2

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Full of It DVD (2008) Ryan Pinkston, Charles (DIR) cert 12
Full of It
Leading Actor:
Ryan Pinkston
Region 2
93 mins
DVD / Normal
No. of Discs:
1 disc(s)
Studio / Publisher:
Elevation Sales
UK Release Date:
15 Sep 2008

Comedy about the new boy in town whose self-aggrandizing lies come home to roost. Sam Leonard (Ryan Pinkston) is the new kid at Bridgeport High and – sporting a Neil Diamond c.1971 haircut and having just been dropped off from an Isuzu sedan – his work is cut out for him in the making pals dept. Sam’s counsellor advises him that twisting the truth might be the way to make friends so he becomes a full-on pants-on-fire case. By lunchtime, as far as everyone is concerned, his Porsche is in the shop, his dad is a pretty big rockstar and a few hot babes including one blonde young teacher are even taking a shine to him. His worries about being found out are soon allayed by dint of the fact that his lies, after a magical mirror breaking incident, start to come true. His dad is a washed-up hippie muso who signs him a beer now and then, there’s a red Porsche in the garage belonging to him and he’s the top shooter on the school basketball team. Only one girl sees through it all – the one girl who liked him without the lies anyway…

Please note this DVD is region 2 and will only work in the following regions Japan, Europe, South Africa, the Middle East (including Egypt) and Greenland, Unless you have a multi-regional DVD Player.

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