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2012: Doomsday DVD (2009) Cliff DeYoung, Everhart (DIR) Cert 15 Pre-Owned Region 2

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2012: Doomsday DVD (2009) Cliff DeYoung, Everhart (DIR) cert 15
2012: Doomsday
Leading Actor:
Cliff DeYoung
92 mins
DVD / Normal
Studio / Publisher:
Media Sales
UK Release Date:
14 Dec 2009

Low-budget disaster adventure starring Cliff De Young. Four people take a journey of faith together to an ancient temple in Mexico. Here they discover ancient mysteries, set by the Mayans, which tell of the world coming to an end on the 21st December 2012. With the date looming closer, NASA scientists discover that a cataclysmic polar shift is about to occur. As the threat of extinction becomes ever more real, the four travellers attempt to unlock the temple’s secrets in the hope that they can find a way to save humankind.

Please note this DVD is region 2 and will only work in the following regions Japan, Europe, South Africa, the Middle East (including Egypt) and Greenland, Unless you have a multi-regional DVD Player.

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